Interpretation allows the verbal communication among people speaking different languages. With our staff of qualified interpreters we can provide you the optimal interpreting solution according to your needs. For any need of consecutive or simultaneous interpretation, on site, by telephone or in case of conference calls, we can find the solutions that are right for you.




The interpreting service offers various possibilities, according to the required technical skills and requirements.

· Simultaneous

An interpreter in the cabin listens and immediately translates what is being said, so that you can listen to the text directly in your own language through headphones.

· Consecutive

The interpreter takes the floor to provide a translation after the speaker has finished his/her speech, if short, or of a substantial part of it, in case of longer speeches or very technical issues, for which more fragmentation should be preferred.


 · Chuchotage

In case that, during a conference, the interpreting service should be provided to a single person or a very small group, it is possible to resort to an interpreter who works in simultaneous outside the cabin, by "whispering" the translation in the listener's ear.

 · Negotiation

An interpreter is present at your side to assist you during meetings and interviews for technical and commercial negotiations with foreign partners.

· Fair

An interpreter is present at your stand, providing for his/her linguistic assistance for the duration of the event you are taking part in.


* * *



For any interpreting need, please get in touch with us. We will suggest the best solution for you.



All our interpeting services can be performed from and into


- Italian
- English
- German
- French
- Spanish
- Catalan
- Portuguese
- Dutch
- Flemish
- Swedish
- Norwegian
- Finnish
- Greek
- Czech
- Romanian
- Hungarian
- Polish
- Russian
- Ukrainian
- Arabic
- Chinese
- Japanese